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A Note on i-cabin's four programmes and a list of exhibitions to 2009

In September 2008 i-cabin became the owner of a quarter acre of land in Worcestershire. It's programme of collaborations and residencies is now based there and begins in 2009. The London space continues to function as a studio, publishing office & research space.

Aug 26 - Sept 6 Entry Points - Subvision Festival, Hamburg.
Jun 26 - Jul 30 No Bees, No Blueberries, Harris Lieberman, NY.
May 1 - Jul 30 i-land residencies 2009: Hardy and Healy.
May 15 - May 31 Research Annex: Site Visit One.

Between 2005 & 2008 i-cabin operated 4 programming strands concurrently in it's London space. These are listed below.

Year1 is concerned with exhibiting emerging international artists who have not had solo shows in London before. The artists take part in a residency at i-cabin resulting in entirely new and site-specific works generated through a dialogue with i-cabin and the i-cabin space.

Year2 works with more established international artists (who may or may not be represented by other galleries) and asks them to operate outside of their normal practice. Year2 hopes to result in entirely unique works which would not have been generated elsewhere and are a result of a specific exchange.

Year3 is i-cabin's offsite collaborative practice. Since our nomination for Beck's Futures in 2005 i-cabin has operated as an 'Art production Hub' authoring original artworks for international exhibitions. These works are specific projects produced in collaboration with groups of artisits and initiated through a dialogue with i-cabin as a curatorial entitiy.

Year4 is an unrestricted number of one week long shows by artists with disjointed and problematic practices. The programme will culminate in a public archive which will act as a reference document of contemporary practices which allow the loose ends to hang out.

Oct 19 - 28 i-cabin: NOHOPEFORUS. (Year3)
Sept 13 - 28 Barry Sykes: I was born on the day Heidegger died
(but I don't know much about his work). (Year1)
Aug 9 - 28 The Miller and McAfee Press. (Year4)
July 5 - 13 Caleb Lyons: You Just Can't Win. (Year4)
May 31 - Jun 8 Alec Dunnachie. (Year4)
Mar 8 - 22 Collaborative Study on Partially Sighted Philanthropic Gestures (working model). (Year3)
Jan 16 - Feb 3 Jemima Stehli and Lewis Amar: Video Works 2005-6. (Year2/1)

Oct 12 - 15 i-cabin(texts): Projects for Zoo Art Fair 2007. (Year3)
Jul 7 - 29 I'm Human Now. You're Human Later. (Year1)
Apr 14 - May 13 Notional Architectures. (Year1)
Feb 22 - Mar 18 What is it? i-cabin offsite projects '04-7. (Year3)
Jan 13 - Feb 4 Patrick Meny: Far 2 Close. (Year1)

Oct 6 - 16 (Group)Show. (Year3)
Oct 13 - 15 i-cabin(texts): Z006. (Year3)
Sept 7 - Oct 14 Satellites. (Year3)
Aug 11 - 31 i-cabin: Direct Currency Exchange. (Year3)
Jul 7 - 23 To London from Chicago with Great Love. (Year1)
Jun 2 - 25 Christina Mackie: How to Begin. (Year2)
Mar 24 - Apr 16 Hermanidez and Michael: Blackson. (Year1)
Feb 22 - 29 Either Taking it out of Putting it in. (Year3)

Dec 16 - Jan 6 Sebastian Craig: Broadcast*. (Year1)
Nov 4 - Dec 4 Ich Bin Ein Sachennaushiesse. (Year1)
Oct 20 - 24 i-cabin: Project for Zoo Art Fair. (Year3)
Oct 6 - 30 Marcelle, are you feeling bored with life? (Year1)
Jul 16 - Aug 7 B.Y.O./resource. (Year1/Year2)
Jun 3 - 26 Darren Norman vs. Giovanni Manzini. (Year1)
May 9 - 22 Alec Steadman: Clarendon Building Project. (Year1)
Apr 8 - May 1 Matt Incledon: Proposition. (Year1)
Jan 13 - Feb 20 STRAND (in several harmonies). (Year2)