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A note on the new space 2009

i-cabin is very proud to be able to announce it's new space, which is a quarter acre of land on the western edge of England, 40 miles from the border with Wales.

We now have the opportunity to allow artists to work on projects of an entirely different scale and context. The programme will no longer be separated into the four different categories which we have worked with since 2005 but it will be based on the same core principles; which are centred on an exchange and self-criticism, in which artist, gallery and viewer challenge each other in order to develop projects which set their sights beyond the realm of an inward facing gallery critique. i-cabin ventures outward towards an art which tackles the social architectures of our culture and the inevitable affects, within those structures, public or otherwise, caused by the production of art works.

We have always referred to the discussions which lead to exhibitions at i-cabin as a residency, now with the piece of land, artists will be able to take up residence both as a literal dwelling and as an ideological notion.

The space here at Clarendon Buildings will continue to be our research space, office, studio and postal address. We also welcome the artist Richard Healy to the studio. I would like to thank everyone for their support and take the opportunity to invite you to the land and to the projects which will take place there. Exact directions to the new space will follow as necessary with project details.

i-cabin's first exhibiton was held in in January 2005. Between 2005 & 2007 i-cabin was run by Juliette Blightman, Will Morrow and Sebastian Craig. Since January 2007 i-cabin has been run by Sebastian Craig.

i-cabin, Clarendon Buildings, 11 Ronalds Road, London, N5 1XJ
(NB. Address No Longer in Use)