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A note on i-cabin's exhibition text policy, June 2007

It has always been i-cabin's policy not to provide copies of exhibition texts at it's shows. Instead it has been our preference to make ourselves present for direct and open discourse. In addition to this we have always encouraged our artists to make available their personal email addresses to any viewer who may wish to make further enquiries which we cannot satisfy, which they have all been very happy to do. In some cases it has not been possible for us to be present during all the opening hours of the show, in these cases we have always welcomed emails with requests for further contextual or practical information or with discursive commentary wherever our stand-ins have not been adequately briefed to fulfill the role. In certain situations exhibition texts of the formal type have been compiled which have been kept by us to be sent out in response to emailed enquiries or for those situations when visitors are disinclined, for any reason, to talk on the spot. Althought exhibition texts carry out an important function in being a memento of the show we have preferred to offer some other type of paper document in substitution.