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i-cabin was founded in 2004, operating from a bookbinding factory in north London. During its first four years i-cabin ran four concurrent programme strands - supporting emerging artists, providing space for established artists to develop exhibitions outside of their usual practice, staging offsite projects and retrospectives of artists with disparate practices.

In 2009 i-cabin announced its new space, a quarter acre of flood plain land in Worcestershire on the western edge of England, 40 miles from the border with Wales. This space functioned as a research site and rural exhibition space.

During these years i-cabin was based on an exchange and criticism, in which artists, gallery and viewer were encouraged to work towards practices which considered social architectures and the inevitable affects, within those structures, of the production of artworks.

In 2012-2013 i-cabin paused its programme whilst its director undertook full-time curatorships at other galleries. The research site closed in 2014.