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June 16th - August 7th 2005

In what way is a gallery language open to a democratic selection process?

Without any scope for the application of selection criteria an exhibition of Art objects becomes a moment which is neither less nor more than a retrospective of that moment.

i-cabin opens its doors. Visitors/Artists are invited to bring a sculpture with them for inclusion in the show (BYO). Non-artist spectators are encouraged to lift whatever intellectual wealth as they are able to carry away with them for whatever purpose they see fit and at whatsoever time as deemed appropriate (Resource).

The storage section of the gallery will remain open to visitors and spectators as a site of research and analysis. Meanwhile objects sourced from this section will be displayed in the display-area. Objects will be selected by us in such a way as to conform to the linguistic demands of various exhibition titles as selected in response to emerging themes as defined during the process.

15 Artists delivered work over the four week period, from this work 13 shows were staged.
These shows were, as a rule, left up until at least one visitor/spectator had seen them. Some however remained unviewed except by us.

These shows included:
Structures of Support
The Delicacy of Knotted Structures
Architecture and Sci-Fi

The Artists Included:
Margarita Bofiliou, Christina Mackie, Chris Bird, Ian Evans, Sebastian Craig, Anthony Silvester, Brandon Alvendia, Alec Steadman, Amy Sharrocks, Juliette Blightman, Cerith Wyn Evans, Adrian Hermanides, Anonymous, Lloyd Sowerbutts and Hannah Watson.