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Milly Thompson: Posters For Pleasure (Summer Picnic P4)
Archizines: curated by Elias Redstone
Attn:Library: curated by Booklet Press
Milly Thompson: Posters For Pleasure (Summer Picnic P1)
Supernormal Festival: Jessica Farnham and Milly Thompson
Jessica Farnham: We Spent All The Equity

Supernormal Festival: Introducing Leo Mas
No Soul For Sale: We Better Keep Moving This Thing Forward, Whatever The Risks

Subvision Festival Hamburg: Entry Points
No Bees, No Blueberries: curated by Tyler Coburn and Sarina Basta
i-land Residencies 2009: James Hardy and Richard Healy
Research Annex, Site Visit One

i-cabin: NoHopeForUs
Barry Sykes: I Was Born on the Day Heidegger Died (But I Don't Know Much About His Work)
The Miller and McAfee Press: The End of the Beginning
Tyler Coburn and Sebastian Craig: Ghostwriters
Caleb Lyons: You Just Can't Win
Alec Dunnachie
Collaborative Study on Partially-sighted Philanthropic Gestures (Working Model)
Jemima Stehli and Lewis Amar: Video Works 2005 - 2006

i-cabin(texts): Projects for Zoo Art Fair 2007
Duncan McAfee: I'm Human Now. You're Human later
La Commune: curated by Whitechapel Project Space
Sebastian Craig: Notional Architectures
What Is It?: part of Seja Marginal, Seja Heroi, curated by Sebastian Ramirez

i-cabin(texts): Zoo Art Fair 2006
Satellites: curated by Francesco Manacorda and Erin Manns
Direct Currency Exchange Part 2: i-cabin: Direct Currency Exchange
Direct Currency Exchange Part 1: artLedge: To London from Chicago, with Great Love
Christina Mackie: How to Begin
Adrian Hermanides and Robert Michael: Blackson
Either Taking It Out or Putting It In

Sebastian Craig: Broadcast*
Hamilton, Baldock, Latham: Ich Bin Ein Sachennaushiesse
i-cabin: Project for Zoo Art Fair
Juliette Blightman: Marcelle, are you feeling bored with life?
Darren Norman vs. Giovanni Manzini
Alec Steadman: Clarendon Building Project
Matt Incledon: Proposition
Till Exit: Strand (in several Harmonies)